What is Dental Calculus? Is Tartar Cleaning Harmful?


Tartar consists of mineralized bacterial plaque that forms on the surfaces of teeth and dental prostheses. Tartar, which is frequently encountered in the areas of the salivary glands, is a structure separate from the tooth attached to the tooth by roughening the surface of the teeth.
The formation time, time and shape may vary depending on the surface roughness of the teeth, brushing, saliva structure and diet.
Although we brush our teeth with the spongy structure of tartar, they continue to contain bacteria and acid attacks.

As the tartar accumulation increases, the gums react and begin to withdraw, and with this, losses occur in the bones. As a result, tooth losses can be seen.
Tartar cleaning is not harmful to teeth, it is the first step to initiate healing. Tartar is removed from the surface without damaging the tooth and the roughness on the surface is removed.
Although pain or aching is not very important because it is not encountered often, it threatens our health by causing bacteria in the mouth to join the circulation by causing regular bleeding.
Having your examinations and checks without a problem protects you from the bigger problems you will experience in the future.
Your health first 😊